About me

Drunken stupor, amazing friends, brilliant teachers, and the amazing college life atleast gave me a degree so that I

could seek a career (how much I hate that word!) 2 days in a steel plant, 20 days as a telecom engineer and a few

months at a startup all led me only to one realization – I was not here to be an engineer.



and more made me. And clearly that me was not an engineer! The first flirts with photography for the Palace of

Paralekhamundi, to covering many college events and even SPICMACAY, set the initial interests. But I was not so

sure. Like most photographers (the enthusiastic ones not the gifted) I dint want to jump at the first flirt. What if it was

like the printing, the radio and many other things that I did in life. Dint give much thought to it. Shot when opportunity

rose and kept quiet when there were no shows. A few months after my college while I was doing these short jaunts

with many companies, I contracted an eye infection. Bad treatment, stupid medication and lack of knowledge

rendered me heavily infected in the eye and eventually blind. Well, almost blind for a month!! Like the many

realizations I had thought the world had given up on me. But something amazing happened during that time. All that I

could see in the closed shutters of my eye were memories, beautiful ones, interesting incidents, amazing people, and

more. A camera myself is what I felt. How amazing would it be to capture moments, incidents, happenings, and many

other interesting stuff! The photographer was born. I dusted the camera. Fortunately I got back my sight and it was

just a phase of realization!

Quickly finished my papers in engineering (arrears yes J). Researched on courses to learn photography. You

see I finally felt the NEED to study! Speos and other institutes were a distant dream. Enrolled myself at the best

of photography institutes in India – Light and Life Academy, Ooty. Got introduced to amazing Mr. Iqbal and many

other friends who still click with me in real and reel life… Out now from the stables of LLA am raring to go and do

big things. Opportunities are happening here and there, am trying to once again defining something interesting.

Something so amazing that it will define my life once again!!

Was that not enough? Well to be frank I missed out on a lot of happenings. Should you need to hear more or talk to

me about photography or (if you are lucky) would like to hire my services, reach out at samal@shrikant.net

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